Rachel Dolezal did nothing but say that she is black. The problem is not that she declared herself to be black, but the fact that she had to declare that she was black to avoid the resistance that she would face because she is “white” per the “What Ethnicity Are You Manual”. The entire race thing is an instrument of separation. The comments ” she betrayed blacks…… she betrayed whites……” silly, just verbal vomit from the beliefs of a society, planet of lifeforms that have nothing better to do other than to ignore that there does not exist a difference between us, until we define the difference. She lived as a white person, with no problem ( as she was defined to be at the time), then she lived as a black person ( as she was defined to be at the time), and guess what, life went on either way without issue until she was called on it. Why, because it is all just a title given by an outdated society. Blacks live as whites all the time. When society finds out, no big deal, because the perpetrators are seen as trying to improve their life ( granted she should not have lied on the application). This lady is under fire for impersonating a black person, an underprivileged person, and it causes a stink, because we wonder why would anyone want to pretend to be black. They call her crazy. We are the crazy ones for persecuting her. Reason, she volunteered to live under a certain set of rules reserved for blacks. She decided to live her life as a black to fight for whatever she believed was right and needed. Wouldn’t it be nice if we all subjected ourselves to live in a society without ethnic titles, so we can find some other, more logical reason to hate each other and fight among ourselves.